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Grattan House

An Accessible, Fun and Relaxing Share House Experience

The Disability Company is proud to present Grattan House, our short-term accommodation (STA), located at 16-20 Grattan Place, Carlton. It is our main respite program designed to provide an all-inclusive package that is not just about the place you stay at, but about the fun and relaxing activities you get to experience. 

Grattan House offers a wide range of fun social outings each day that can be tailored to your needs and lifestyle, such as visiting iMax movie theatre, the MCG, the museum, dining on Lygon street, have fun setting up a high tea, and/or attending special events, as well as experiencing food, music and film festivals in the city.

Grattan House provides a relaxing communal living space with all meals provided and qualified staff on shift 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It’s a great opportunity for clients of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to get away from their everyday routines and do something special for themselves. Our 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and 1:4 care packages, mean that Grattan House can be tailored to each individual client that walks through its doors. By staying with us at Grattan House you get the benefit of a city stay without paying extra accommodation costs for your support worker. Have a room to yourself but enjoy the option of group social interaction on your stay too. 

All support workers at Grattan House are given a care plan to better assist each individual client’s needs and preferences during their stay.

Upcoming Themed City Experiences

Zootopia Escape at Grattan House​

Are you a big animal lover? Join us at Grattan House in September or October, where you can experience a wonderful zootopia escape with our support workers! The DisabilityCo invites NDIS participants for animal themed facepainting, a visit to the Electric Animal Kingdom, the zoo and aquarium in the city, as well as watch the “Zootopia” movie with us.

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Relaxing City Escape

Looking for a fun three-day city escape to unwind and have a break from your every day life? Join us in the city for High Tea, Painting, Massage Treatments, Movie Nights, Mocktails and Baking Fun.

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Success Story of Natalie and Sally

Natalie (on the left) and Sally (on the right), our clients have become great friends with each other after meeting at Grattan House, our respite facilities in Carlton. We love it when we see our clients make new friends and live their best lives!

I'm so looking to going to more concerts with Natalie this year. We love to sing and dance. Thanks to Grattan House, I made a friend.

Activities at Grattan House

A person with disbility siiting near a beach at Grattan House in Victoria

Grattan House is able to service clients with different care needs. We provide 1:1 personalised care supports for clients looking to relax and do something for themselves, as well as provide 1:2, 1:3, and 1:4 themed getaway packages for clients wanting to participate in fun activities that will give them the chance to make new friends, build confidence, and develop their independence. Each month we have themed accessible experiences included as part of the respite package (NDIS participants can choose to create their own itinerary or choose from a themed stay package our team has already designed).

There are also arts and crafts activities and board games available 24/7 in the shared communal space. We offer different respite-themed stays, such as Relaxing City Escapes, Cafe and Art Culture City Stays, Easter Time, AFL Finals and Sports City Stays, as well as Adventure City Escapes that include a fun scavenger hunt.

Regular group activities at Grattan House include:


  • Movie Nights
  • Karaoke Nights
  • Art Therapy Sessions
  • Community Trivia and Talent Show Nights
  • Board Games Nights
  • Making Treats

Flexible Stays

Short to Medium-Term Accommodation

We commonly offer 2 & 3 day respite experiences. Monday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Friday and Friday to Monday. Want to stay longer? Chat with one of our friendly care coordinators about booking multiple respite experiences. 

It has also been used as medium-term transitional accommodation to support participants who want to try living outside of home first before committing to permanent housing. Participants who are are in a hospital discharge program, SIL housing waitlists or needing to wait for the right supports to be in place before moving out, can also stay at Grattan House. 

For example, it has been a solution to help young people access the rehabilitation needed to restore health and independence. We have supported young people in the past who used to live in an aged care home. We have also hosted manual wheelchair and walking aid users (just ask our team about our accessible feature and equipment used throughout the place). 

We have created this space to provide an urban respite experience for NDIS participants who want to take advantage of everything the city of Melbourne has to offer. Whether you are looking to participate in our main respite program, or want to tailor something to fit your emergency accommodation needs, we feel we can create a respite program that will work for you.

For those clients looking for something a bit more flexible, you can arrange to stay at Grattan House for anything from 1 to 14 days. What you do with your time is up to you. If you choose to stay in our emergency accommodation, your STAA funding will cover the cost of your accommodation, food, and supports.

Rooms and Facilities

  • 4 Accessible Client Rooms (each containing their own bed, desk, chair, split-system air conditioning, and built-in wardrobe).
  • 4 Support Worker Rooms
  • 2 Shared Accessible Bathrooms including vanity, mirror, toilet (with grab rail) and frameless shower (with grab rail)
  • 3 Toilets and Powder Room
  • Full-size Shared Kitchen
  • Shared Laundry with washer, dryer
  • Shared Indoor Garden, Lounge and Dining space with Activity Cupboards for Art & Crafts and Board Games.


Grattan House is on the ground floor. If you require a hoist, we have a room that offers this. If you prefer a bigger bed, please let us know this preference, so we can organise a bigger bed in some of the rooms. One of the 4 Client Rooms has a motorised single lift bed.

Bathrooms also have the option to use a shower chair/mobile shower and toilet commode for ease of transfers. We have a backdoor entrance for assisted wheelchair users.

A room at Respite Care Disbaility at Gratan House in Victoria

Everything is COVERED in the Pricing Rates

Mon – Wed$3,728.14$2,053.14$1,494.80$1,215.62
Wed – Fri$3,728.14$2,053.14$1,494.80$1,215.62
Fri – Mon$7,584.62$4,084.46$2,917.74$2,334.48

*Prices subject to change as per the NDIS price guide.
**Prices subject to change when a public holiday occurs during your stay.
***Each Block’s check in time is at 2:00 PM and check out time at 10:00 AM, prices are calculated accordingly.

STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Saturday$2,598.81
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Sunday$3,291.21
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Weekday$2,033.53
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Public Holiday$3,983.61
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:2 – Saturday$1,402.53
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:2 – Sunday$1,748.73
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:2 – Weekday$1,119.89
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:2 – Public Holiday$2,094.93
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:3 – Saturday$1,003.77
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:3 – Sunday$1,234.57
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:3 – Weekday$815.34
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:3 – Public Holiday$1,465.37
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:4 – Saturday$804.39
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:4 – Sunday$977.49
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:4 – Weekday$663.07
STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:4 – Public Holiday$1,150.59

Ideally located in the heart of Carlton, Grattan House is just a short walk to iconic Lygon St, public transport, cafés, restaurants, and the beautiful Carlton Gardens, including the Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building complex.



16-20 Grattan Place, Carlton, VIC 3053

Grattan House - Disability Co Respite Care Accomodation in Victoria
Image of Melbourne Museum near Grattan House in Victoria

Frequently Asked Questions

Located in the heart of Carlton, just behind Lygon St. 16 – 20 Grattan Place.

At Grattan House, we have individual rooms with shared bathrooms, living room and kitchen. We also have a shared laundry and inside garden space. 

If you require a hoist, we have a room that offers this. If you prefer a double bed, please let us know this preference so we can organise a bigger bed.

Bathrooms also have the option to use a shower chair/mobile shower and tiolet commode for ease of transfers. Grab rails are also included in all bathrooms and tiolet rooms.

Dangerous utensils in the kitchen are all locked away and can only be accessed by our support team with a key. 

We also have securely locked medication cabinet that is only accessed by our support team. 

All support workers are given a care plan to better assist and tailor their services to each individual client’s needs and preferences during their stay at Grattan House. 

Your individualised stay at Grattan House is paid through your NDIS plan. Short-Term Accommodation (STA) funding, Flexi Core Funding. We encourage our clients to avoid having unused STA, Core or Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding, as it may be cut from their next plan. 

The main difference between short term accommodation (STA) and Core funding is that STA is specifically allocated money for respite stays and camps, while core funding is mainly used for daily living activities. However, both can be used flexibly. if you don’t have STA funding, Core can be used for your stay.

As per the NDIS guide, the maximum amount of time one can stay is 28 days (unless otherwise specified).

Your Grattan House stay will include all of your meals, entertainment and any activities that you might like to do while there. We are very close to the city, so we are more than happy to organize tickets to Aquarium, IMAX or any exhibitions, festivals that you might be interested in. Throughout the year, we also host themed stays and social group events.

For ratio at this time, we do 1:1 or 2:1, anything from 3:1 and above you will be put on a waiting list.

We can organise to have our support workers assist you during your stay. If you let us know your preferences, we can send out profiles prior to your stay so you’re aware who will be working with you. We don’t allow outside support workers into our Respite House. 

We do not allow alcohol into our facility as we support participants with all kinds of addictions and illnesses. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.


Grattan House Stories

How Respite Care Can Help You Recharge and Manage Burnout

Caring for a loved one who has a disability or chronic illness can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. However, at times, it can get emotionally and physically demanding, and it’s not uncommon for caregivers to experience burnout and want a break. Respite care is a service that provides temporary relief to caregivers, giving them a break from their caregiving responsibilities. In this article, we’ll explore how respite care can help carers recharge and prevent burnout.

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Grattan House Impact: George’s Story

Did you know that Grattan House is not only a great place to explore the city but can really make a difference in someone’s life? We want to share with you George’s story and how Grattan House became a home away from home for this amazing human being.

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George Lombardo
Read More
I had fun at the Guns and Roses Concert and footy matches in the city. I am a big football fan and Grattan House is close to the city.
Sally Karnakowski
Read More
I loved going to the fancy hotel for high tea, my relaxing massage at the salon, everything. I met Natalie (another client) at Grattan House. I'm looking to going to more concerts with Natalie this year. We love to sing and dance.
Matthew Goring
Support Worker
Read More
Grattan House has become a second home to me, my clients like using it as their own space from their families to go out and do their own thing. It's also nice to be able to work with other support workers and have clients interact with each other.
Dianna Catherine
Support Worker
Read More
I had a lot of fun working out from Grattan House, getting to meet other clients and support workers. It's a wonderful sense of community there and so close to the city and Lygon street. It's very easy for clients to explore and see all the wonderful things on offer in the city.
Kim McDonald
Care Coordinator
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Grattan House is an all inclusive package. We work with the client to plan the meals and accommodation, transportation and activities they do. Our amazing respite team takes care of all the bookings to make sure the client has the best time.

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