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What do our Support Workers help with?

Assistance With Self-Care Activities-Standard

Assisting with and/or supervising personal tasks of daily life, to develop your skills to live independently.

These supports are generally conducted in your home and are to assist with the your goals of living independently. The shifts are also fun company.  

This means your support worker will attend the home and depending on your needs, may help you with showering and personal hygiene tasks. They can also assist you with preparation of meals, planning future meals, and food shopping, as well as house cleaning, scheduling appointments, attending appointments, running errands & getting other domestic activities done.

Assistance With Personal Domestic Activities

Assisting you to develop skills to maintain your home environment, where you feel you are in charge of running your own home  and its maintenance. Includes assisting you to do basic house and yard work.

The support worker would attend your home and together the support worker and participant would complete domestic activities. These activities can include, however are not limited to, cleaning, meal planning and preparation, grocery shopping, mowing lawns, weeding & maintaining vegetable gardens.

The support is aimed to assist you to live independently, while maintaining a healthy and safe living environment. It can be tailored to suit the participant’s lifestyle choices. 


Access Community, Social And Recreational Activities

Supporting you to engage in a community, social and/or recreational activity.

The support worker assist you to be involved in community activities that you are interested in.

The NDIS recognises that each participant is an individual and has their own support requirements and interests. This support allows you to access and explore hobbies and interests with the support worker.

These shifts generally consist of the support worker picking you up from your home, taking you to the activity and helping you to participate in the activity. You are generally assisted at home and can request the support worker stay with you to provide further social interaction or assistance with self care activities.

Specialised Transport To School / Educational Facility / Employment / Community

Specialised transport to school / educational facility / employment / community.

These shifts are mainly focused on supporting you to and from activities or appointments. The shift duration generally only covers the duration of the travel required. The support worker can assist if there are behaviours of concern or special mobility assistance requirements.


Assistance with transport.

These shifts are to support you when you do not have the capacity to obtain and maintain a drivers licence and require a car as the mode of transport. These supports can assist you to either access the community for daily needs, including but not limited to accessing the supermarket, day services, community activities & social events.

Everything is COVERED in our Pricing Rates

It takes a village to raise a child and we know you’re only as good as your supports in place. We want you to have more time to focus on things you love while we deal with the complex legal, employment and training obligations. The best thing, it’s all for a price that’s within the NDIS standard price rates. 

Assistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Weekday Daytime – TTP$66.45
Assistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Weekday Evening – TTP$73.21
Assistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Weekday Active Overnight – TTP$74.56
Assistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Saturday – TTP$93.50
Assistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Sunday – TTP$120.56
Assistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Public Holiday – TTP$147.62
Assistance With Self-Care Activities – High Intensity – Weekday Daytime – TTP$71.83
Assistance With Self-Care Activities – High Intensity – Weekday Evening – TTP$79.14
Assistance With Self-Care Activities – High Intensity – Weekday Night – TTP$80.60
Assistance With Self-Care Activities – High Intensity – Saturday – TTP$101.07
Assistance With Self-Care Activities – High Intensity – Sunday – TTP$130.32
Assistance With Self-Care Activities – High Intensity – Public Holiday – TTP$159.57


Access Community Social and Rec Activ – Standard – Weekday Daytime – TTP$66.45
Access Community Social and Rec Activ – Standard – Weekday Evening – TTP$73.21
Access Community Social and Rec Activ – Standard – Saturday – TTP$93.50
Access Community Social and Rec Activ – Standard – Sunday – TTP$120.56
Access Community Social and Rec Activ – Standard – Public Holiday – TTP$147.62

Our Service Areas

We have a pool of quality care staff and capacity to take on new clients in the areas we currently service.

These are:

  • The Southern Metropolitan Region
  • The North-Eastern Metropolitan Region
  • The South-Eastern Metropolitan Region Including all of Frankston City and City of Casey
  • The Cardinia Shire
  • The Morning Peninsula Shire 

However, if you are living outside our main service areas, but you are willing to work with us for up to 6 weeks to find the right support workers, we are happy to take you on as new clients. There is no waitlist. 

Our Client Success Stories

Matthew starting his own business

Matthew and his parents explain how The Disability Company supported Matthew to set up his own gardening business, even when they were not getting the the support from their first Support Coordinator or the NDIS. 

Supporting Sally with her job

Sally and her mother explain how The Disability Company supported Sally to find and maintain her job. We are always so happy for our clients who are able to live more independently and earn their own income. 

Building Bryce's confidence

Murray, says “Bryce has come leaps and bounds since being with The Disability Company.” Bryce attended one of The Disability Expos and was advocating for the company, something he did not have the confidence to do a few years back.

Support Coordinators appreciate our monthly updates and assessment reports. Support Coordinator, Bree Trewin, says we are prompt and reliable. “They also match the participants with their support workers by providing profiles on their support workers with details about the person and their interests so people can read about and select their support worker prior to meeting them.”


Angel Khatchadorian
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My experience so far with The Disability Company has been good and stress free. My Son has been receiving support from them for over 1 year and there have only been a couple of days when we have received a support worker that I was not happy with as they were not suitable for my Son. As soon as I communicated with the Admin staff about my thoughts of these support workers, they quickly resolved the issue. I feel we have been well looked after by The Disability Company
Chrissy and Murray Evans
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The Disability Company are there for the right reasons, to make a difference to everyday people. Dylan, Sariah, Bek and Cassie do a fantastic job behind the scenes, as parents we do not always know what goes into organising the care for our children. Our carers are amazing. It just goes to show that if you work as a team together it can be very rewarding for everyone.
Colette Keenan
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Our support worker was recommended to us via Bek after she moved into the office role. Bek’s knowledge and care of my Son and our family shows in her suggestion of our new support worker. Our new support worker is fantastic with our Son; He loves his Saturdays. It’s fantastic for us to see him happy and know he is cared for when away from us. Thank you.
Adriana Zuniga
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Over the last 2 years that I have used this service provider, they have shown me that they are very reliable and give me peace of mind knowing they won’t let me down.
Jenny O’connell
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On the whole I have been very impressed with both the management and support workers from The Disability Co. We have three support workers and they are very enthusiastic, friendly and capable. My Son looks forward to their company in the afternoons and it gives him the opportunity to engage in a wider range of activities when we are not home to support him. The management is very efficient and professional but also understanding and friendly. Thank you.
Kevin and Bebe Burgess
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Myself and my family are very pleased with the service of The Disability Company. The carers that work with my Son are doing a good service and he really enjoys their company. We cannot fault this service. Thanks a lot.

Meet Dylan, our Founder

Seeing Bryce, and his parents, Chrissy and Murray, become disappointed by their support worker agency in their approach to care, Dylan Maliepaard, our Founder wanted to do something about it. He saw a problem and wanted to help more families.  

The Difference Between Registered and Unregistered Providers

Do you know the difference between registered and unregistered providers? Our Care Team shares their advice and what to look out for with our community.

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