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NDIS Supported Independent Living (SIL) Accommodation in VIC

Welcome to SIL Housing, where we believe that your home is not just a place to live; it’s a foundation for your future. We are committed to providing comfortable, affordable, and accessible housing solutions that cater to your unique needs and aspirations.


We know that it can be daunting living with others. We provide opportunities for potential housemates and families to meet, get to know each other, and bond before living together. You get to approve the people you live with. We try and match people with similar needs, interests and family dynamics.


SIL Housing is a part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme  funding allocation. The extent to which the NDIS grants approval for your funding influences our capacity to accomplish arrangements tailored to your specific needs.

If this is your first SIL plan, we can assist on developing of your Roster of Care Submission to the NDIS to assist in establishing evidence for SIL funding.  This proactive step serves the dual purpose of aiding in the establishment of compelling evidence that substantiates your eligibility for SIL funding and sets the foundation for future housing arrangements.


 You will be able to work closely with Care coordinators to find your best home living arrangement.  

You can expect:

-Care dynamics that work for your specific situation

-Tailored resident selection to ensure a sustainable cohabitation.

-Bespoke mediation and mitigation strategies to ensure a harmonious community.

-Responsive attention to changing resident needs.

-Maximization of real choice and control for empowerment towards a fulfilled life.

-A supportive community approach for holistic services to meet your needs.

–Qualified, trained, and friendly staff to develop meaningful relationships.

-Low ratios to ensure that overcrowding in a home does not happen. 

The Disability Company will always be a support network for our clients, we innovate so we continuously become what you are looking for!

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Angel Khatchadorian
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My experience so far with The Disability Company has been good and stress free. My Son has been receiving support from them for over 1 year and there have only been a couple of days when we have received a support worker that I was not happy with as they were not suitable for my Son. As soon as I communicated with the Admin staff about my thoughts of these support workers, they quickly resolved the issue. I feel we have been well looked after by The Disability Company
Chrissy and Murray Evans
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The Disability Company are there for the right reasons, to make a difference to everyday people. Dylan, Sariah, Bek and Cassie do a fantastic job behind the scenes, as parents we do not always know what goes into organising the care for our children. Our carers are amazing. It just goes to show that if you work as a team together it can be very rewarding for everyone.
Colette Keenan
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Our support worker was recommended to us via Bek after she moved into the office role. Bek’s knowledge and care of my Son and our family shows in her suggestion of our new support worker. Our new support worker is fantastic with our Son; He loves his Saturdays. It’s fantastic for us to see him happy and know he is cared for when away from us. Thank you.
Adriana Zuniga
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Over the last 2 years that I have used this service provider, they have shown me that they are very reliable and give me peace of mind knowing they won’t let me down.
Jenny O’connell
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On the whole I have been very impressed with both the management and support workers from The Disability Co. We have three support workers and they are very enthusiastic, friendly and capable. My Son looks forward to their company in the afternoons and it gives him the opportunity to engage in a wider range of activities when we are not home to support him. The management is very efficient and professional but also understanding and friendly. Thank you.
Kevin and Bebe Burgess
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Myself and my family are very pleased with the service of The Disability Company. The carers that work with my Son are doing a good service and he really enjoys their company. We cannot fault this service. Thanks a lot.

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