Respite Get Away in Phillip Island


Date and time



100 Churchill Rd, Newhaven VIC 3925

Spring is here and we are excited for our upcoming respite camp in Phillip Island. Island Bay Ranch offers an extensive number of awesome on-site facilities such a huge lawn and barbeque area, fire pit, inground trampoline and playground, table tennis, basketball and tennis court, and cinema area… just to name a few! 

Some day activities taking place at the Island include but are not limited to;
– A yummy visit to the chocolate factory
– An exciting experience at A Maze’ N Things
– Watching the penguin parade at the beach
– Having a virtual reality experience through Antarctica (cool!)
– Petting the cute koalas and kangaroos as Maru Koala and Animal Park
– Winning a game at Grumpy’s mini golf

After doing your chosen day activities, wind down by watching your favourite movie on Foxtel or join in on our disco night, marshmallow roasting, cupcake decorating and ball activities on the luscious green
grass at the ranch.

What you’ll get
Offering a range of individual and group activities located throughout Phillip Island, a memorable and action-packed weekend is guaranteed!

What to bring
Please wear comfortable clothing and enclosed shoes. We will also provide a list of what to pack.

Suitable for
This get away trip is perfect for social interaction and community access.

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