How Aged Clients Can Benefit from In-Home Care in Victoria

More Australians are choosing to live at home to maintain their independence as they age. As we grow older, it can become harder to manage certain tasks around the house, with friends and families often taking on a caretaker role. Home care services for seniors are designed to help manage some of the tasks when you need a little help.

Aged Clients Benefits from In-Home Care in Victoria

Based in Hallam, Victoria, DisabilityCo provides in-home support to NDIS participants and senior Australians throughout Melbourne and southeast Victoria. Here, we explore the benefits of in-home care for aged clients who want to continue living in familiar surroundings while receiving personalised and professional assistance.

Independence and Comfort

One of the key benefits of in-home care is the independence it gives you to keep living at home with support when you need it. Accessing home care services for seniors can improve your quality of life and delay a move into permanent aged care. Other benefits include:

  • Improved sense of purpose, autonomy and self-worth
  • Better physical and emotional health and wellbeing
  • Retention of pride and dignity
  • Ability to live in your own home safely and for longer
  • Less strain on family and carer relationships

The goal of in-home services is to empower you to live in the familiar surroundings of your own home for as long as possible.

Community Connection

Older Australians who have lived in their current home for long periods of time feel a deep sense of connection to their local community. You can maintain this connection when you’re supported with in-home care services.

Support workers can do more than help out around the house. In-home care for the elderly can also involve helping you engage in community, accessing social and recreational activities. Your support worker might pick you up from home before taking you to an activity, help you participate and then take you back home. Connecting with the community as you age has a significant positive impact on quality of life. Support workers can also help you access health services or go grocery shopping.

Personalised Assistance

Quality in-home services providers should work with you and your loved ones to develop the right support plan. This collaboration ensures services are personalised and that you are empowered to choose the level and type of support you need. Another of the key benefits of in-home care is that you control the schedule, so the services are delivered when it suits you.

Services can include everything from household jobs like cleaning, cooking, gardening or laundry to personal hygiene tasks. However much or little assistance you require, home services are designed to help you maintain your quality of life, as defined by you.

Quality In-Home Care for the Elderly in Victoria

DisabilityCo offers a range of support services including in-home support to NDIS participants and older Australians. We also offer respite care services and supported independent living (SIL) housing as necessary. Based in Hallam, we offer services throughout southeast Melbourne and other areas of Victoria. To learn more about our in-home care services for aged clients, call us today on 1300 897 848 or contact us online.

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